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I have recently started buying and selling new and gently used bear factory- build a bear & bear mill bears and outfits

There is an ever increasing of numbers of bear factory items now on ebay a large variety from different sellers and many regular names popping up everyday.

i have just a few tips to buying your bears

make sure you check a description especially on the outfits as there are many who bid on bear clothes that they think are 15-18 inch clothes when they are only 8 inch clothes

all blue labelled bears are 15-18 inch bears and all outfits will fit these bears

red labelled bears are around 10 inch bears

if it is a collectors bear it will state this on the tag or in the stitching

if your not sure ask about the filling in the bear for sale is it stuffing or soft balls etc does it have a sound module

there is such a wide variety of outfits now and several little shops popping up there seems to be good interest in these little furry friends

check to see if the necassary holes are in the outfits for your bear and if you do purchase a second hand bear just have a thought and ask the seller does the bear already have a name !!!

i am having fun selling and buying these bear items and would like to wish our new shops that have opened good success and keep them varieties coming as i will do the same


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