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Very annoyed with Ebay at the moment hence me taking the time to write this guide. On 21st January 2010 I purchased on ebay, a 1999 Jeep Cherokee from seller affordableclassicsofpreston.The auction stated "Sold with 12 moths MOT" "Ready to go anywhere straight away"

I emailed the seller and requested a collection time "Monday will be fine, she's had a lambda sensor and is going in for her MOT RETEST tomorrow" (Friday).

On Monday seller does not contact, so I ring him, "Oh, it wasn't the sensor, its failed the MOT again you will have to wait until Thursday now" (one week after buying car).

On Thursday, now two weeks still no contact, I telephone again. "Oh, we can't find the fault, I suggest you look for another car". Annoyed I asked if he was maybe not happy with the amount of money the car had "sold" for. John Garner, the owner of affordableclassicsofpreston just laughed. The car had now been "in the garage" for two full weeks, the car that was, "Ready to go anywhere straight away".

It was clear to me that he would not sell the car to me, for whatever reason. After another week of no contact I gave in and bought elsewhere. Upon letting him know, he tells me, "the car has just passed its MOT as well". Its relisted that same night.

I decided to leave a negative feedback and low and behold, a quick call to Ebay from affordableclassicsofpreston and the Negative is removed. After speaking to Ebay I am told that in certain categories, feedback can be removed, but the best bit, it was removed automatically. Nobody had even checked it. So there you have it, the fundamental protective measure for Ebay buyers is irrelevant. The car is still on sale and nobody is any the wiser to the sellers dishonesty. So in future, in considering buying a car from Ebay, be very careful who you deal with.

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