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If you are tempted to buy from China please consider the pro`s and con`s ,first of  all if the item is faulty and you have to return it remember it has to go back to China at your expense ,the return address will be it Chinese ,o.k if you have a Chinese keyboard on your computer and understand the address but if you don`t it could be gobldygook and you wouldn`t know what it said,it would be lost.If you buy a mobile phone i think i am right in saying that these cannot be sent back (or imported) due to Chinese law,they often will give a  long guarantee compaired to u.k items but you try to claim on it ,generaly speaking things like batteries are crap,they are very poor quality.Hong Kong is a bit safer but it is still far away from the u.k(their batteries are still crap),they will often say their items are genuine makes (i.e Nokia ,Sony etc ) but they are not ,the copyright laws are non existant over there so don`t be fooled
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