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If you have , like me fallen in love with the many reborn babies out there , then you may be thinking about buying accessories for your new arrival/s.

There are so many beautiful items out there to display with your doll/s so I will cover as many as I can.

REBORN CLOTHES  there are some beautiful reborn clothes out there . I particularly love the hand knitted suits available. When buying clothes , remember that if your baby is less than 7lb in weight , you will need to buy premature or 'tiny newborn' clothes , otherwise they will be much too big.

I often look for tiny babies clothes in lots. You can get a whole wardrobe of clothes at a really reasonable price and even if they are 'used' , on most occassions they are like brand new as babies grow so fast.

If your reborn baby is 7lb or more , you can buy newborn clothes . I wouldnt buy 0-3 or 0-6 months or they msy be much too big.

MAGNETIC PACIFIERS these are just normal baby pacifiers (dummies) but they have had the teats removed and a small earth magnet attatched with strong glue.

Most reborn babies have magnets in their head so the pacifiers will cling to their mouth and hold onto the pacifier like a real baby. Always check that your reborn baby has a magnet before buying these.

You can get some really pretty pacifiers out there that will look beautiful with your reborn baby.

FAKE FORMULA AND JUICE BOTTLES these are normal bottles filled with a fake formula or fake juice and then sealed at the teat. The bottles are then sealed around the top so they wont come loose.

You can also buy magnetic fake formula/juice bottles which are amazing as they 'cling' to your reborns' mouth so he or she looks like he/shes feeding.


These look lovely next to your newborn , but you must remember that they are for display and you should NEVER let them get into childrens hands.


HAIR DECORATIONS these can also be attatched to earth magnets so they cling to your reborn babys' head. Again , check that your baby has a magnet before buying.

You can find many that dont have magnets and there are some gorgeous ones out there.

There are so many other beautiful reborn accessories out there like rattles , brush and comb sets , teddies for them to hold. The list is endless.

Most importantly , enjoy your reborn baby/s and spoil him/her !


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