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If you are thinking of buying in Bulgaria  make sure u go with a recommended company as there are alot about that wont think twice of ripping you off. Adding expenses on showing you places that are sometime owned by different family members and often no land dont buy without seeing documents to who owns it.In Bulgaria kindness is a weakness  in Bulgaria from solicitors estate agents money booths will all try it on dont change money in street change places as soon as step in there speak english they are so nice they will count money out advertise they give better than banks they dont in fact they will count money other side of glass. Then it gets pushed through via a drawer you pick up because you have seen them count it step outside put it in your pocket start spending but 9 times out of 10 they will have given you less  always check money as soon as you get it as once outside they will say if you come back in  you must have spent it. Dont bother threatening them with police as they will ring them for u and most of police are on there side. Also dont give Power of Attorney  to anyone as u could find it will be copied and money can be took out of your bank. Most people know someone who has found some people who have a decent person they know, just be on your guard dont hand money over if your not satisfied be careful in markets and streets as the pickpocket community are there in gangs and very good at it. Always go on guided tours with people who have been or recommended dont get into taxis with out asking price before hand as you will find the price will be alot more. There are some beautiful places and you can buy some nice cheap homes Bulgarian but be on your guard be warned.  
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