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Hi Guys,

If you are looking to buy mobile phones from ebay please read on and beware what to look out for.

There are thousands of phones sold on ebay every single day of varied quality. When buying one of these phones read the description carefully right up to the last full stop. Ensure you ask additional questions if you have doubts. If a seller specifies there is a crack, ask how big it is, does it create problems reading the screen and ask for more pictures. Remember it may only be a small crack today but may easily get bigger and ensure the phone doesn't work in the future.

Find out if there are any scuffs or scratches for second hand phones and find out where they are. The buyer must give you all the relevant information.

Ensure all the correct software and accessaries are included as well. Look at the relevant website for nokia, motorola and sony and ensure you get what you are suppose to get !!!

You can also ask if the buyer has a return policy in case you have any problems with the phone or certain elements of it do not work as described.

If you pay through paypal you have an additional guarantee if the phone never arrives as well and simply fill out a claim form and open up a dispute.

I hope these few words help you in your purchase.

Ensure you look at my ebay items for sale and enjoy your ebay experience.

Kind Regards

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