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many people on ebay are caught out and end up paying more than they have to.


here are a few  tips on how to help you avoid paying more and help you pay less on ebay-

          bid in the last few seconds, this means the other bidder is less likely to            increase their maximum bid and outbidding you.

If a product is coming out in the next week or so don't pay over the odds and pay a stupid price just to get it one week before everyone else, just wait and save yourself a possibly a lot of money.

If there are more than one of the product you want listed on ebay and the listing you are bidding on surpasses your prefferred bid just stop bidding and bid on another listing of the same item. You will most likely pay less.

If you are outbid at last minute, don't freak out and think about if their is any point in entering a higher bid as you might end up getting carried away and getting into a bidding war before the listing ends and paying more than you wanted to.

Always remember the postage cost as this also may catch you out and you may think your getting a better deal them you are          


Good Luck!!!


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