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the coin collectors and dealers have known about the 2008 mule 20p coins since december or january so the recent newspaper reports are nothing new .When they were first put on sale they were selling for £150 - £200 .items of unknown mintage figures and disputed rarity will find there own value through auctions and private sales.only last week (pre publicity) they were selling for £20-£30 .rough estimates are that 1 in 100 are undated (i believe it is a bit less than that), considering that there was 100,000,000 20p's minted in 1982 if 2008 figures are half that then that makes approx 500,000 undated 20p's in your is a piece of sound advice if you have an undated 20p SELL IT!!!!!!. there is over 1000 on sale on ebay right now.if you have or are thinking of buying one at the prices they are going for just now DONT !!!!!!, in 6months time they will be selling at the same prices they were last week £20-£30.there are so many on the market i wouldn't be surprised if they are even cheaper.

if you must spend the money buy a gold sovereign or a quality scarce coin like a 1905 shilling, 1903 halfcrown, 1869 penny instead,

i will leave you with one last thought ,if these coins are so rare and scarce why are there so many on sale on ebay right now ?(not including all the listings that are trying to confuse or con you into buying an ordinary one)


at time of writing this revision there were 3000 listings on ebay for undated 20p,s

less than 2 weeks since the rush began .i put a watch on 10 undated 20p's ,they have sold for £102 - £127 .that is a bit of a drop from one supposedly selling for £7000.the price will continue to fall till they reach their true value whatever that is.

it is now the beginning of august 2009 .the undated 20p's are now on average selling for £70 - £80. the ones selling with the enhanced listings are going for a bit more £100 - £150 but it costs more to list these. there is now gold plated and gilded 20p's on sale ,these are of no interest to serious coin collectors so i would steer clear of these if you are hoping to buy  as a future investment ? (see above)

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