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It's very common practice for people to buy vouchers on eBay for the savings they get, but do approach with caution.
At this current point in time, neither eBay for PayPal protect you when you buy any vouchers of any kind,
for example, if i was to purchase £100 in Amazon vouchers for £90 and the buyer did not send the item, it is highly likely you will not be able to reclaim your money even if you do everything by the rules.
eBay and PayPal do not make this issue very well known and this has created a niche for the scammers to fill.
Usually, on a daily basis, you can see people from countries such as Romania or such selling vouchers and they usually have 0 or very low feedback and obviously this rings alarm bells, but now, scammers are more commonly hacking accounts with high feedback scores, linking them to different PayPal accounts and offering very good savings, if anything i would recommend you stay away from buying any sort of Vouchers on eBay unless you can 100% verify that the person if legitimate.
To do this, contact the buyer and ask them for their landline number, don't use a mobile number, but even then scammers use numbers to reroute phone calls.
Then when you phone them, ask for their address, Name, and any other details you deem necessary.
Secondly, do not purchase from items which require immediate purchase.
Once you purchase an item, click on help at the top of any eBay page. In the search type contact information.
Then go to request contact information and then to contact information and see if the information matches what the seller has given to you prior to purchase.
Many people have been stung by this loophole. Do not become one of them. Remember, its better to pay full price instead of potentially saving a few pounds but loosing all your money.

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