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Here are a few tips to buying wheel spacers for your vehicle to ensure you get the correct ones needed.

  • First of all always remember safety first. Make sure you read the installation instructions included and follow them, including correct torques. It is not a case of the tighter the better with wheel studs/extension studs.
  • Some wheel spacers are very thin and are usable without extension studs but the majority, especially wider spacers need extension studs to attach them to the vehicle safely. Many sellers offer spacers without extension studs which can cause more hassle than it is worth as you then need to locate studs that will work. Many spacers are unbranded making it difficult to locate studs that will work. It is much easier to buy spacers and studs by the same manufacturer that are designed to work properly together and were designed with specific vehicles in mind.
  • If possible, contact the seller by telephone. This way they can inform you of item specifics of your vehicle that you may not be aware of ie. some vehicles have different studs for the same vehicle depending on whether or not it was made for the UK market or was an import.
  • Do not assume that just because your vehicle is listed in an auction that they will fit as there are many different varients to vehicles which can affect the spacers needed.
  • Do not buy spacers for a different vehicle to yours and assume they will fit as you had heard they have the same fittings as your vehicle. If you are unsure as to whether they will fit your vehicle always check with the seller. A good seller will always make the time to ensure the spacers will fit your vehicle before sending them to you. 
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