Baby Bjorn Bay Carrier

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I would like to share my experiences with other parents out there when it comes to buying a good baby carrier, papoose or sling.

Lets face it there are a lot to choose from, I bought 3 types myself. 2 of them ended up back on Ebay as quick as I bought them. Both were so tricky to get on, and then baby was not fully supported.


Eventually I bought a baby bjorn on Ebay, it is fantastic, we are still using it daily now for our 5 month old baby girl. We live rurally, so the buggy we bought hardly gets used.



The carrier comes in 2 pieces : the back straps and the front shell, you put the back strap on first and then you simply clip the padded onto the straps.

There are tags that say left and right and are in red and blue so it can't be simpler. Its as easy as clipping on a seat belt.


You will have adjusted the carrier to fit your baby beforehand.


Baby can go front or back facing, my little one likes to look out when we go to the supermarket, But when we go for our 11 am walk, I face her to me and so she falls asleep after 15 minutes.

Sadly the day looms when my wee lass will not fit into her papoose and I will have to search for another larger carrier for her, perhaps she will go on my back then.


I do beleive that babies that are carried feel more secure and have the opportunity to learn more and see more, as you tend to talk to them as you go about your everyday life. The advantage for them is they are at your height, not at your feet (pushchair) facing away from you normally.


When you look for your pappose, steer clear of ones that have yards of ties, ones that are strapped around your person 3 times. When you are trying to get out of the house with an impatient baby, you do not want to be looking at instruction booklets or looking for someone to help tie you up at the back.


Good luck!


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