Baby Gifts - Choosing the best one

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Choosing The Right Baby Gift

FIVE of my close friends have given birth in the past month and I have been struggling to find affordable - yet unique - baby gifts.

When I gave birth two years ago, we were inundated with tiny baby outfits, which were gorgeous but we didn’t manage to use them all.So when my friends had their babies, I decided to search on the Net for a more imaginative baby gift depending on the type of person they are.

I’m a fan of unusual or personalised baby gifts and there are so many products available on the market now that I was spoiled for choice.I would advise that when you buy a gift for a new baby, think of the parents’ personalities and it helps you to choose the perfect baby gift.

Creative Mum - I chose an  Impression Kit for my more artistic friend as I thought she would have great fun with it. The kit makes a raised impression which means the footprint is raised from the tile instead of sunken down and it includes the moulding materials and a pine box frame.

Trend-setting Mum – I found the best idea for my ever-so-trendy friend! Nappy Cake ! They are straight over the US and have been featured on Sex And The City. They are a clever gift of clothing and bibs, neatly bundled together to look like a cake. Almost good enough to eat!

Sentimental Mum - I found a beautiful Keepsake Box which is ideal for storing all the congratulations cards and other little treasures for my friend who likes to keep reminders of every stage of her baby’s life. She has decided to use it to store other memories too, including a lock of her baby’s hair.

Traditional Mum – My best friend is very traditional when it comes to baby gifts, so I splashed out and bought her vouchers to have her baby’s first Shoe Bronzed. I know she will be delighted with this as she can proudly display.

House-Proud Mum - Another baby gift that I fell in love with is the Magic Prints Kit. This allows parents to use an “invisible” coated wipe to re-create a baby’s tiny footprint. I bought the kit for a friend who hates mess, but loves to remember her children when they are tiny (she’s just had her third).

Now I can sit back and relax in the knowledge that five new mums have been given some really lovely gifts, and I managed to get them all without leaving my study!

Written by Gemma Childe on behalf The Keepsake Co.

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