Baby Hat Buying Guide

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Baby Hat Buying Guide

Baby hats are more than just adorable accessories. They actually serve a useful purpose for little ones during those first precious days after they are born. Additionally, summer and winter hats help protect babies who often venture outdoors. Enterprising parents can make baby hats themselves by knitting yarn at home, and these handmade items also make great gift ideas as well.

For parents who do not know how to sew, or for those who do not have the time, baby hats are found in baby stores, clothing stores, and online websites like eBay. These cute little hats come in many bright colours and styles for boys and girls. However, choosing the right hat involves a little bit more effort than simply selecting one based on how it looks. A proper baby hat should fit snugly over the infants head, be able to be machine-washed, and only made out of soft fabrics that do not irritate a newborn baby's sensitive skin. Mammas & Pappas have a great range of baby hats to offer on eBay.

Sizing a Baby Hat

Getting the right size is important when it comes to baby hats. Heads are the biggest body part on babies, and they grow rapidly during the first year. Newborn hats usually do not fit babies at six months. Furthermore, hats that are too big can slide down over the baby's head, possibly even covering their face and creating a safety hazard. Most hats sold in stores follow a size guideline based on baby age, such as premature, newborn, 0-6 months, and 6-9 months.

Parents who want to knit their own baby hat can do so, but they need to know the proper dimensions. These homemade hats can fit just as snug as a glove as long as parents follow the chart below.

Head Circumference (cm)

Hat Circumference (cm)

Hat Length (cm)

29 - 32

23 - 29

10 - 11

33 - 35

29 - 33








Keep in mind, however, that since babies grow quickly, and these knitted hats do not last forever, it is important to get the sizing down on the first try.

Newborn Hats

One of the first things nurses do with newborn babies is swaddle them tightly and place a hat on their heads. This is because babies are used to being held tight and warm inside the womb and it takes some time for them to get used to their new surroundings. The entire time a baby is in the hospital, he or she is expected to wear their baby hat. A healthy, full-term baby needs to only wear a newborn hat all the time for the first couple of days. Premature babies may need to wear one for longer because they tend to lose more body heat than they can generate.

Newborn hats are made out of only the softest fabrics without any harsh dyes or chemicals. Natural choices like 100 per cent organic cotton are preferred since newborn skin is incredibly soft and sensitive. Cotton is a light, breathable fabric, so these baby hats keep newborns warm while wicking away any sweat. Hospitals provide their own baby hats, but parents can pick up baby outfits from a store, or online via website like eBay, that come with their own hats.

Sleeping Hats

Once a newborn leaves the hospital, he or she does not need to wear their hat 24 hours a day. However, since babies cannot completely regulate their body temperature until they are at least six months old, there are occasions when they need to wear a hat. Babies born in the fall or winter, for example, usually wear a hat to bed. The hat helps keep the baby warm while sleeping, but there is some controversy over this issue.

As mentioned above, ill-fitting hats can slide down during the night, potentially covering the baby's face. Some experts believe that wearing a hat to bed can cause SIDS and caution against doing so. Others believe that not wearing a hat to bed causes the baby to get too cold, potentially leading to SIDS. What the experts can agree on, however, is that if the hat is going to be worn for sleeping, then it needs to fit very snugly over the head with no chance of being able to fall off during the night.

Outdoor Hats

Newborn babies should be kept inside as much as possible. Even summertime babies should not venture outside too much since their sensitive skin can easily get sunburned. While newborn babies do need sunlight to help keep them from getting jaundice, placing them in front of a sunny window for a few hours a day usually does the trick. Once a baby gets older, he or she can go outside. However, parents need to protect their babies by placing them in outdoor hats.

Winter Hats

Thick and warm winter hats help keep babies comfortable when outdoors during the winter. Humans lose most of their body heat through the top of their head, and a snug winter cap prevents this from happening. There are all kinds of winter hats available, and some models even come with cute accessories like puppy dog ears.

Put practicality and comfort ahead of style when buying winter hats. A beautiful hat may make the baby look good, but if it is made out of very thin fabric it is not going to be able to help keep the baby warm. Most winter hats are lined on the inside with thick cotton that does not irritate the baby's skin. The outer fabric can include options like wool or even cashmere. Both of these fabrics are excellent for wintertime as they are thick enough to keep out cold winds while insulating the baby in his or her own body heat.

Summer Hats

Babies need to also wear hats when going outdoors during the summer. In this case, the hats are not used to keep them warm since the summer sun offers enough of that. Instead, summer hats help keep babies from being sunburned. Infants do not have enough hair on top of their heads to prevent sunburn, so they need this extra layer of protection.

When it comes to choosing summer hats, select one that is thin and lightweight. Most also have a brim that helps keep the baby's face and neck in the shade. It should be able to get wet without ruining the fabric or the design, since babies need to wear their hat outdoors all the time. This even means that they need to wear a hat while taking their first dip in the pool. Some summer hats also come with ties that parents can wrap under the baby's chin. This helps keep the hat on the child's head, but not all babies like wearing these straps.


All baby hats need to be able to get cleaned in the washing machine. Parents are busy enough with their child without having to worry about washing a baby hat by hand. Keep in mind that pure cotton hats tend to shrink once they are washed. If a cotton hat seems tight on a child in the store, washing it only makes it smaller.

Buying Baby Hats on eBay

You want the best selection possible when it comes to baby clothes, and this includes baby hats. eBay offers baby hats for sale from vendors all around the world. You can find name-brand hats and even hats made by hand from other mothers being sold on eBay. When it comes to good deals, there are also plenty of used baby hats to go around that are being sold for a fraction of their original price.

Finding Baby Hats on eBay

There are several ways to search for baby hats on eBay. To get the widest results, do a simple search by typing ' baby hats' into the search engine. This returns results for unisex hats, as well as girls and boys hats. If you are only interested in hats for girls, then type in ' girls' baby hat'. Now the search engine only lists results for girls. You can further narrow the results by typing in sizing, such as ' newborn girls' baby hat '. If you are interested in exploring handmade hats, try searching for 'unbranded baby hats'. If you want to make your own baby hat and simply need the supplies, type in 'baby yarn' to pull up results of knitting supplies.


Cute little baby hats with bear ears or bunny faces do more than make a baby seem more adorable than he or she already is. These little hats help infants regulate their temperature by insulating the tops of their heads, where humans lose most of their body heat. Newborn hats are designed to be worn all of the time, and are typically soft and comfortable for this reason. Sleeping hats usually lack ornamentation and are only intended to be worn while the child is asleep.

Thick winter hats help keep little ones nice and warm while their proud parents cart them around for holiday parties and shopping trips. Cool summer hats block out the sun's harmful rays and keep tiny heads safe from harmful ultraviolet rays. Parents can even make their own hats for their children by purchasing soft baby yarn. No matter what option is eventually chosen, buyers can get the hats they want from eBay's peerless selection.

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