Baby Hat Size Guide

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Image courtesy of Blue Bean Photography

Choosing the correct size hat

The measurement below are only provided as a guide, as each precious little one does vary in size.
All of my items are hand crafted using quality yarns and are designed to stretch a little as your child grows.

Measure your baby's or childs head circumference at the forehead keeping the tape measure straight and untwisted, to ensure the correct size/fit prior to completing your purchase.

Premature 3 - 5lbs 10.5" - 12" approx - Hat height 4"
Newborn 12.5" - 14" approx - Hat height 4.5"
0 - 3 Months 14" - 15.5" approx - Hat height 5"
3 - 6 Months 15" - 17" approx - Hat height 5.5"
6 - 12 Months 17" - 19" approx - Hat height 6"
12 - 36 Months 18" - 20" approx - Hat height 6.5"-7"

Individual handmade hats may vary slightly in size due to the variety of yarns used
All Items are hand finished and trims, bows, embellishments etc. are sew or glued on securely.  You are advised to regularly check the trims are still attached securely to the hat prior to each wear and after being laundered.
It is essential that babies & young children should be Supervised At All Times whilst wearing hats, bonnets & using photo props and not left unattended
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