Baby Walkers and Entertainers, Child Educational Toys

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If you want to buy in a toy that doubles as a learning and educational center for your baby, why not check out baby walkers and entertainers?

These handy instruments help build muscle coordination, improve eye site and entertain all at the same time! How do you know which center is best for your baby?

Mobile walkers are an excellent source of entertainment for young babies. Some parents mistakenly believe that buying a mobile walker will help their baby walk at an earlier age. This is not the case.

As a parent it is important you know that mobile walkers pose a real danger if you leave your baby in one unattended. Your baby can easily injure it's self if a constant vigil is not kept while in the walker. For this reason some parents prefer a stationary entertainer.

Stationary entertainers offer all the fun and entertainment of a walker, including toys, spinning, rocking and other devices but remain stable. Your infant cannot walk around in these entertainment centers. Stationary entertainers are a great choice for parents seeking a safe and developmentally suitable entertainment center for their children from about 6 months on up!


Tips For Selecting a Walker or Entertainer

  • When shopping for walkers, make sure the unit has a wide base and wheels that lock, so you can convert into a stationary entertainer when appropriate.
  • Check to see that walker has a tray and other places to attach toys.
  • With stationary entertainment centers, look for an adjustable seat that spins up to 360 degrees
  • Avoid entertainment centers with small detachable parts


The single most important thing you can do to ensure your baby’s safety is keep a close eye on them when playing. Never, ever leave a baby alone in a walker or entertainment center

  • Follow the minimum and maximum weight requirements recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Never carry the baby around while they are in the walker or entertainer.
  • Use any safety belts provided and buckle your baby in.
  • When your baby is using a walker, remove any furniture or shelves that might topple over on your little one.
  • Be sure to install safety gates to prevent your baby from tipping over or touching dangerous areas such as the fireplace or stove.
  • Remember you will need to send in your product registration when you buy a walker so the manufacturer can get in touch with you in the event of a recall.

As with any toy, a walker or entertainer can provide hours of joyful and entertaining fun for your baby. Just remember to keep an eye on your little one when using this equipment!

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