Baby Wearing Beginners Tips

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Have you been around town and spotted another mum wearing their baby in a sling, casually thought how relaxed she and her little one looks but don't know where to start. All Baby wearing mummies have been there, when I first started it took hours of internet research to even know where to start. Hopefully the below tips can help you out.
Stretchy/fabric wraps or Buckles 
Okay so the first choice you'll have to make is what type of wrap would suit you better. A lot of mums with newborns tend to gravitate towards a stretchy wrap. A stretchy wrap is great for newborns to about 6 months old. It just a long length of tapered stretchy material, which can be tied to the body in a number of different ways.
It is especially great for younger babies because its soft and holds your baby in a natural position. If you decide to go for a stretchy wrap, spend some time searching Youtube watching videos of other mums demonstrating different carries. If you are still not feeling confident enough to try it on your baby, grab a teddy or a doll first. 

Woven wraps are the next step up from a stretchy wrap and are ideal for babies 6 months and over. They have no stretch or give in them and can be used for front, side or back carries. 

Buckle carriers are great for older babies, for example the ergo baby carrier is a full buckle. It can be worn on your front or back. This type of carrier requires no tying, as soon as you have adjusted the buckles to your six its as easy as clipping on and going.

The only carrier I would advise you to avoid is a forward facing carrier, where the baby is facing away from you. These have been proven to be harmful to babies hips.

Which ever carrier you decide you want to try, look out for a local sling library where you can try on and rent different carriers to help decide which is more suited to you. There are also support groups on face book that can give you help and advice.

No matter what happens please follow the ticks guidance rules in the picture above to ensure you are both comfortable and safe.

Happy baby wearing :) 

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