Baby bottle sterilisers

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There are four types of sterilisers:1.Steam sterilisers,2.Cold water/chemical,3.Microwave steamer,4.Boiling Steam sterilisers - These are stand alone plastic containers, which plug into the mains, with separate compartments for the bottles and teats. There are various makes to choose from. Quick and efficient, portable, but quite expensive. Cold water/chemical - Add sterilising tablets or liquid to cold water and make to manufacturers instructions. Either use a purpose bought or any non-metal container. Takes longer to sterilise bottles, but you will not need to spend money up front. Microwave steamer - A plastic bowl shape container with a lid, which fits into a microwave. Quick, efficient and portable, but ensure your bottles fit in it and that it will fit in your microwave. Boiling - Boil your bottles and teats in a large, ordinary pan. Cover the pan and boil the items for 10 to 15 minutes, ensuring they are all completely submerged.
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