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My son is quite small for his age, his 2 years old but fits into 9/12
months clothes! Buying clothes on eBay is so much easier and cheaper he hates going shopping with mummy so this way it's a win win I get to choose his clothes and he doesn't have to leave the house!!! 
You can choose from so many different types of clothes from designer to primark yet all of them
lpcely and at great prices. I can not express just how much i love eBay!!!!
i have also sold a few bits of ebay before and got some lovely prices for his bits. 
Momey is tight for me as a single mum so to be able to get my son lovely clothes and not have to pay hundreds is amazing. 
So once again you really have got to try eBay out! It's changed my life since i started using it. And to do shopping from the comfort of your own home is even better!!!! 
Im writing this drinking a cup
pf tea not having to worry about going into the horrible cold weather! 
Hope you enjoy reading my guide. Sorry if I've gone on a bit I just love eBay!!!! So easy to uses aswell.... A real win win situation 
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