Baby feeding - is breast feeding right or wrong??

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Well i'm a mum of 2 and i can't answer that question for everybody as they all have their own views. Me personaly, i shall share my experiences with you.

My first baby is now 3 years old. I bottle fed her right from word go. I had planned to breastfeed but was so exhausted by the birth i didn't try. Within a month she was a very hungry baby and had moved onto the higher level of milk, she was then weaned at 4 months. Now she is a healthy girl. She weighs 2 stone, slightly below her average but she is fine.

My other baby is 4 months old. I felt so guilty not breastfeeding after my first that i was going to try anything to get him breastfeeding. After the birth he latched on for about 5 minutes. But then would not stay on and was clearly hungry, so he had a bottle. He had SMA for the first 3/4 days. Then I decided to express my milk. He had a mixture of this and SMA. The midwife tried so hard to tell me to breastfeed. But i was happy, he was happy and again he is a healthy boy, growing fast (he's now 1 stone) and is beginning to be weaned.

All I have to say to new mums or to expextant mums is don't plan, it could all change, don't let bullying midwives and health visitors put you off wanting to do what you want to do. If you breastfeed fully well done, if you bottle feed fully great - get your other half to do some of the feeds, and if you do a mixture fine, nobody can tell you what is right for you and your baby. The other thing midwives and healthvisitors say is that a baby has to have breast from word go. WRONG. I only expressed my milk when it came in 3/4 days after the birth and he took to it fine.


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