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SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Many parents worry about the chance their baby may die from SIDS.

SIDS means that the baby can die suddenly, without warning, while sleeping and no cause can be found.

What You Can Do

Follow the safe sleep advice given by the researchers.

  • Put baby down on their back to sleep
  • Sleep baby with head and face uncovered
  • Position baby's feet at the bottom of the cot
  • Avoid exposing babies to cigarette smoke, before and after birth
  • Sleep baby in a safe cot and in a safe environment
  • Sleep baby in its own cot or bassinet

Make your cot or bassinet a safe sleep zone.

  • Make sure the mattress is firm and fits tightly and properly into the cot or bassinet with no gaps.
  • Follow the mattress wrap advice of Dr Jim using a feet to foot mattress cover.
  • Make sure there are no exposed knobs or bolts that may get hooked onto the baby's clothing.
  • Cot bedding should be made of breathable fabrics, and should be tucked in tightly.
  • Make sure the baby does not over heat, or get cold while sleeping.
  • Not recommended for use are quilts, duvets, pillows, sheepskins, soft toys, and cot bumpers.
At mini steps safety is our number one priority, and that is why all our mattresses conform to the very latest safety standards listed below:

British standards 7177:1996

The specification for resistance to ignition of mattress, divans and bed bases.

British standards 1877-10:1997

The specification for safety requirements and test methods regarding domestic bedding with specific specification for mattresses and bumpers for children's cots, perambulators and similar domestic articles.

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