Baby signing

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I am recommending to any parent of  young babies the benefits of baby signing.
I have 4 children and only discovered baby signing with my 3rd, but so wished I had heard of it earlier.
I started signing with my 3rd son, who is now 7yrs old, when he was about 6 months old, starting with simple signs for things like; milk, food, nappy, tired, cuddle etc. He started signing back to me at about 8 months old.
Contrary to popular belief, it does not hinder the childs speech at all, but gives children the ability to communicate without screaming and crying. Once they start talking, they tend to drop the signs. But remarkably, when we spoke about teaching my 5 month old, my 7 yr old showed us that he could still sign! In fact he could still remember about 30 signs!
It is a well known fact that children's hand-eye co-ordination develops well before their speech. Once they are able to do things like point at something they want or wave goodbye, then they are able to communicate with simple signs based on bsl. This prevents the frustration caused by not being able to tell us what they want, life with a toddler that you can understand is so much easier than trying to stop those tantrums when we just don't know what they want!
There are lots of books and even dvd's out there that teach parents most of the signs you need to get you started. I've recently bought a few dvd's as it's been a while and I'm a bit rusty!
 They usually teach the signs with 'action' songs which young children love anyway, so it is so easy to start signing straight away!
So instead of putting up with those tantrums, pulling your hair out, thinking 'what is the matter!?', just invest in a book or dvd, they are often listed on e-bay, and make it easier for your tot to communicate with you, and life for you more peaceful!
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