Baby to toddler feeding needs.

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1, Baby  bottles are a must for any mum weather breast feeding or bottle feeding, there are so many different brands of baby bottles available some will go through multiple brands before deciding on one that your baby is comfortable with from dr browns,avent or tommee tippiee those are some amongst the wide variety on the market.

2, Feeding sets are great when your baby starts weaning you can some very nice sets that are reasonably priced from plastic or character there are also some very nice personalised sets that are available, i allways started off with just spoon sets the soft plastic ones are also great for a teethin toddler.

3, High chairs are great for feedin times but also somewere safe to sit your baby to play there are a wide range of high chairs there are modern ones ones with storage basket or if your short on space there are booster chairs that u can attach to your dining chairs, i have also had lots of use out of my folding travel chair that saves space for when eating out and the inconvenience of waiting for a high chair to become available when you have a hungry child in a busy restaurant.

4, Toddler cups also have a wide variety i found that the soft sippy cups that are non-spill were great when first goin from a bottle then when your child gets used to a cup and a little older you can safely move on to the straw variety or sports bottle type before becoming a big boy/girl and startin with your very own cup.

5,Support pillows give you extra support when feeding your baby sometimes a baby can take a long time to take a full feed which sometimes can give a very aching arm from being in one position and also added comfort for baby as well as mum.

6, Bibs are great for any dribbles at feedin time to save clothes because as we know a lot of baby foods stain clothes and its so much cheaper to replace baby bibs than it is clothes all the time.
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