'Backup CD's & DVD's' are illegal mp3 bootlegs

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Anyone offering collections of compilations of many CD boxsets like Bonkers, Hardcore Heaven, Clubland and Hardcore Nation on DVD's is selling illegal bootlegs. Most are just downloaded mp3's from file sharing sites. In most cases sellers do not even own the original CD's. The usual disclaimer they give is that you must own the original copies and these are for backup purposes and if they are then they can sell them legally or the cost of the auctions is to cover their costs for CD duplication. It is illegal to sell copies of anything. If they are backup copies then they should give them away free. And why would you pay for a backup of something if you can back it up yourself if you own the original CD? I have emailed Ebay about this, i personally think they should be doing more to stop these auctions. Only buy original copies of these albums. You know you are getting a quality product with original packaging and most of all the artists, many of whom make tracks as a hobby, and put time and effort into making these tracks will be getting what is rightfully theirs in terms of payment. High competition means you can pick these original albums up very cheaply these days with triple & quadruple CD's with 70-80 tracks on them available for the price of a normal single CD album.
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