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I have recently had a very bad experience with an egg seller on this site   fins-feathers-and-fur   , when the eggs arrived I opened them with delight but was soon dissapointed to find that from 6 eggs 2 were smashed, I emailed the seller and she offered me 2 replacements if I paid the postage, when taking the remaining 4 eggs from the weak packaging I found a third one was broken. The seller agreed to replace 3 eggs if we paid the postage, (which was at an inflated price). When these eggs arrived again in weak packaging another 2 were broken. In total 4 eggs out of  9  from this seller were ok to go into the incubator, these went in with others from different sellers. At the candle stage none of the eggs from the bad seller were fertile, most of  the other eggs were fertile with a 90% hatch rate.

I have had great joy over the past 20 years incubating eggs, hatching and rearing them, My children and there friends have grown up watching this with delight each time, and even as teenagers they are still overjoyed to see the chicks hatch and grow.

To sum it up I paid a lot of money for rare breed eggs and had no success. I went to leave a negative feed back, when I saw the note that says contact the seller first, I did this and then she got nasty with me. I left the negative feedback anyway ,as I think it is important to tell others of your experience. This was the first time I have had to leave negative feedback and it was not pleasant.

Regardless of this experience I look at my chicks which did hatch from other sellers, and love to see the delight on childrens faces when they come to see them. I am now awaiting more eggs and can not wait to start  incubation again. I will not allow bad egg sellers to spoil our enjoyment and will continue to buy from auction, but beware bad egg sellers are out there, always read feedback and please share your experience with the rest of us, and do not be afraid to leave negative feedback if required. It is usefull to candle the eggs at the appropiate time to check fertility before leaving feedback.

Good luck to those out there awaiting there chicks, Linda


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