Bad Feedback

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Since being scammed on Ebay a while back, I now always check feedback before bidding. I must say however, that sometimes you need to read between the lines because even bad feedback isn't always that bad. I often read bad feedback comments and feel totally sorry for the sellers who have received this negative press. A lot of buyers not only seem to want something for next to nothing, but then complain about the cost of the postage and also seem to think the item should arrive instantly the sale is finished.  If I have purchased something at a ridiculously low price I would never contemplate arguing about a couple of extra quid on the postage, or that it might take a week to arrive. Some people are just greedy and have no concept of what it must be like to post out a lot of parcels. It is wrong of either side in a contract to use feedback as blackmail but I do think buyers should have a little more insight before leaving negative comments.
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