Bad Sellers!

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After reading a guide from a seller who obviously has no regard for her buyers i feel compelled to write how unfair it is when you get ripped off by a seller. I paid for some items from one seller,(who happened to be the nasty review writer) never received them, and the nover 6 weeks later has still not received a refund (as promised to me by the seller). I have sent many messages to them and even opened a dispute. Only after not receiving my item did i check the sellers feedback and low and behold the seller had a considerable amount of negative and neutral feedback! What i was most disgusted with the way the seller responded to negative feedback, calling the buyers liars, fools, idiots etc! I could not believe that she was accusing everyone who dared give her negative feedback of being liars or blaming them for the fact that her items werent delivered or as shown. I would like to warn all ebay buyers to check a sellers feedback (and comments) BEFORE buying an item. I have always paid for items promptly and give positive feedback as i have never had problems before and i have always recieved positive feedback so i was extremely annoyed that this seller also was going to claim for unpaid items, even though i had paid!! SO please be aware of sellers who will not take responsibility for items that do not arrive or refuse to admit when they are in the wrong, good luck.
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