Bad Taste Bears

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I am writing this with the recent problems Bad Taste Bears company had.

Firstly, they are still up and running. So if anyone is trying to sell you bears and say the company has gone bust, this is NOT true.

When buying Bad Taste Bears I always advise to do your research first. People have sold bears on here and stated that they are no longer available due to legal reasons. The famous one is Henry....mimicking the Henry Hoover, he was later replaced with J Edgar.

I have seen someone try and sell J Edgar as the rare one.

So, do research!!!

Check other people selling the same bear and ALWAYS read the description. You may find you are bidding on a broken bear, or a bear with no box.

Check the Buy It Now prices, unless there is something extra special, do not go over a Buy It Now price when bidding.

If you are new to Bad Taste Bears, check what are actual Bad Taste Bears.  Bears have been sold under the Bad Taste Bear catergory that are not from the collection.

Check on the original site, sometimes you may find a bear that isnt on Ebay.

I hope this helps.

Sami xxxx

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