Bad ebayer: redpigeonbob - aka Mr Robert Pickering

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Ebay Seller: redpigeonbob aka Mr Robert Pickering

I have had the great misfortune of dealing with Mr Robert Pickering who styles himself as "redpigeonbob" on Ebay. Status (16) as of this message and myself neraly 400 (100% feedback).

I purchased a model locomotive in February 2001 which was described "AS NEW" on his listing.  It was used, but nonetheless described as new and therefore my minimum expectation was that it would work.

I should point out that I had already purchased some 100 locomotives for a software project I was carrying out.

Upon arrival, it was found to be faulty, with the wheels stuck and the motor burned out.  Surely the Sellet must have known this.

In any event, what should have been a straightforward dialogue between buyer and seller descended into insults and accusations on his part when I was eventually forced to open a claim within Ebay.

To this day he washes his hands of the matter and I would strongly urge people NOT to purchase from Mr Pickering as he sells goods which are mis-described and then has no desire to resolve the matter.

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