Bad experiences with Paypal!!!!!!

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Had a bad experience too with Paypal.

Took them three months and hours and hours sending me to one operator to the next one to set up paypal payment system for my website, so I gave up, worldpay did it in less than a week including the paperwork required!

Been rip-off this time after I bought an item with the wrong description, a cable was missing, so I wasn't able to use it at all. Not refunded at all! The seller was right! It was described as present in the "DESCRIPTION SECTION" of ebay. I have filled up enough items to know where you describe and can eventually modify it after when it has been published.

Their phone line is not free too , if you require to speak to an operator, I have spent 30 minutes trying to speak to an operator, which is not free on a 0870 line.

I m just avoiding to use Paypal untill I find an alternative.



I rescently bought an item, and the seller prefered to be sent the money via paypal, np: Money sent on the 22th december 2009, won't be on his paypal account before the 31st... and another week  to have his money on his bank account.... What the point using Paypal and paying those  fees? Can anyone explain me?


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