Bad or Untrusty Sellers

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This is advice for UK based Ebay customers buying from bad UK based sellers.

(1) Firstly you can complain top Ebay but Ebay gives the impression it ignores complaints or makes it difficult to complain because Ebay being an American company has one priority - making money from sellers.  So the bigger the seller the less chance Ebay buyers have, it seems, of getting Ebay to take their complaint seriously enough.

(2) If the seller is a Ebay business seller or if they appear to be operating a business because of feedback and/or listing totals complain to national Trading Standards www. tradingstandards. gov. uk   or  www. consumerdirect. gov. uk

(3) If the seller claims to be a British company and their listing does not contain their company name, company registered office address and company registered number complain to www. companieshouse. gov. uk because it is unlawful for a business not to display those details on its notepaper, leaflets, web pages and emails.

(4) If a seller claims to be based in the UK and/or has stock in the UK when it is untrue that may constitute a crime pursuant to the Fraud Act 2006.  In bad cases complain to the police.

Buying on Ebay is generally safe and works well most of the time but do not depend on bay or Paypal sorting-out problems which may occur. Both organisations make lots of money from business sellers so it seems Ebay sometimes ignores seller's irregularities.


Finally Ebay hates its customers contacting external web sites for advice. That is why Ebay has blocked the above mentioned web site addresses. Ebay does not want you to get justice.

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