Bagging a clothing bargain on ebay

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Designer clothing bargains (womens clothes)

There are most definitely bargains to be had on ebay in regard to buying designer clothes and I for one have had many.
One of the first things to look for is the time that the auction for the item of your interest ends, as that can make a huge difference to how many people are likely to be sitting in wait to bid on said item. The obviously quieter times are late night and early morning, but there are also other times that I have found to be quite lucrative in my quest for a bargain and that are often less obvious. A prime example is between 2.45pm - 3.45 when some women will be out and about doing the school run etc also between 5pm-6pm another less busy time perhaps people are travelling home from work, eating dinner and so on.

But a bargain is only a bargain if it fits so another tip if you see something that interests you is to go to the designers own website  as pretty much all of them will have a detailed sizing guide for their ranges which can prove invaluable as they can vary greatly and once armed with this information you can then decide whether an item really is worth bidding on. A designer dress looks fab on the hanger but better on a body, so unless you're buying it to look at, its better to be in the know.

By following these tips I myself have purchased a designer cocktail dress (Joseph Ribkoff no less) in as new condition for the princely sum of £22 several pairs of jeans/trousers Hobbs, Karen Millen etc for as little as £1.95 as well as various clothes from some of the good High Street Shops for literally pence.
Happy shopping Ladies!
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