Bailing out of a sale selling what you do not have..!

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Hi there e bay world although this may read as a gripe (which I guess it kinda is ) it is also a valid point or two to raise.Recently I bagged a complete and utter bargain(or so I thought ) the item sold to me for a fraction of what its worth I was over the moon so far so good. Isn't that what we are on e bay for ?. You can count on your one hand the times I have landed a truly genuine bargain on here.More or less we buy and sell at pretty good discounted prices (more or less).Anyway I paid rite away as I always do and sat back to wait for my item.My euphoria was bitterly cut short when I received an email from the seller saying he had sold the item earlier in the day keep in mind this was 5 hours after the item ended.

Personally I believe due to the low response his item had and the very low selling price it went for the seller has concocted this little story and eventually he will re list the item.Either way if I am wrong he was breaching policy I doing what he did, also why would you conduct your business on e bay this way.?

VERY similar situation I won an item great price great everything...waited for the item and hay presto another email saying the item was not in the sellers possession his supplier had (let him down)...OMG Who lists items for sale when they do not even have them in their possession so sell in the first place!!!!

These two sellers are completely un related well I dont think they are living together in any case :-) but the items are both in the same category and are both about the same thing.

Strange to say the least....On the whole e bay is a first class platform for buying and selling but I must say there are a number of devious sellers around and like the old adage goes IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN YOU CAN BET IT IS.        

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