Baking Fimo Soft in a gas oven - For Beginners

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Baking Fimo Soft in a Gas Oven - For Beginners!!

I am writing this guide so that others don't get caught out as I was!!!

When I was new to Fimo I made a dreadful mistake after unsucessfully searching the net for advice on using my gas oven for baking - this resulted in my fimo creations going up in smoke!  I finally found the formula and have a tip for other beginners!

Formula that works for me: Place your creations on a baking tray (lined with a sheet of kitchen foil) and bake for around 20 minutes on gas mark 2.  It is (I have found) possible to bake, then rebake (and add more layers of Fimo if you want).  It is much better to part bake, then rebake than to burn it and bin it!!!

Tip for Beginners: Roll out a small amount of fimo (flat), then make a little ball shaped blob out of another piece.  Bake these as a test before attempting to bake 'hours or even days of work' as losing a tray full of treasured creations is heart breaking - I know because I did it.

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