Balanced Flue Gas Fires

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High Effiecency Glass Fronted Sealed unit Fire

A balanced flue (sometimes more correctly referred to as a room-sealed appliance) can be a solution where a property has no masonry chimney and a freestanding flue-pipe would be inappropriate. It uses two, twin pipes or ducts coming straight from the back of the Gas Fire through the wall to outside.

All balanced flue gas fires are room sealed as they have a glass front. This means that no additional room ventilation is required as the fire draws fresh air in via the flue pipe. Models are available in various sizes and heat outputs. These appliances are classed as high efficiency gas fires and selecting the correct model for the size of room you have is critical. Please check the heat input and efficiency rating of the appliance. If a large appliance is selected with a high heat input the heat from the fire may be too much for the room and become overpowering meaning you will end up not using the fire. The bigger, or wider, the fire the heat input will be higher. 

The balance flue gas fire pipe routing chart shows the type of flue system possible 100/150 or 130/200 and the maximum vertical and horizontal runs per chosen appliance. So you have a great deal of flexibility when deciding where to locate your fire.  We can supply both sizes of pipes with our fires and the appliances are compatible with both sizes.

The outer pipe draws in fresh air from outside, the inner pipe is the exhaust from the fireplace to take away the emissions. Installation of the balance flue gas fire pipes can take various routes, upwards and sideways but cannot go down. 
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Balanced Flue Frameless Fires

What's more this fire can be installed almost anywhere in the home since it uses a balanced flue system with a choice of horizontal flue, vertical flue or chimney conversion flue kits available to choose from.  Both log and white stone fuel beds can be supplied depending on which model of fire you order.  If you require further info please call our sales Team on 01254 427270.
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