Balloon Decorating - Make your own pearl arch

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How to make your own pearl arch

Simply follow our step by step instructions

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1     Attach both ends of a length of fishing line to staionary objects such as chairs or door knobs. Ensure at this stage the line is pretty tight.

2     Helium inflate a balloon and tie the neck of the balloon around the fishing line

3     Helium fill the rest of the balloons one by one and tie them around the line too. You can adjust the position of the balloons by slightly wetting the line and sliding the balloons along

4     For a quick professional look use a spacer such as a straw to measure the disatnce between each balloon

5     Cut a length of curling ribbon approx 30cm long and loop around the bottom of the balloon and then curl using scissors.

6     Finally remove the fishing line from the staitionary objects and attach to weights on the floor.

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