Bambi Apollo Spraymate - 1000W DIY Spray System

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Bambi Apollo Spraymate - 1000W DIY Spray System

What does it mean?
Those of you who know about paint spraying will tell you that consistency of finish, speed of application and the opportunity to use the most sophisticated modern coatings are the most important factor.

The major drawbacks of most sprayers are 'spray mist' and 'overspray'. With this SPRAYMATE  HVLP sprayer these disadvantages are dramatically reduced and even the total beginner will be able to paint spray professionally!

What are turbines for?
These deliver High Volumes of air at low pressure - to atomise the paint - not the pressure. Therefore the paint stays on the surface and does not 'bounce back' onto surrounding surfaces or into the atmosphere !

Eliminating 'bounce back' means you are using less paint - up to 40% less ! - at this saving the SPRAYMATE will soon pay for itself in no time. It also protects the environment too.

Very low maintenance
There's no need for separate compressors, filters, regulators or air tanks - because the oil-free turbines require no regular maintenance. They are extremely reliable and cost effective to run.

With over 25 years experience in the manufacture of HVLP turbine systems and sales in over 50 countries worldwide have produced this super Spray gun for the Professional and Home worker.

The perfect Spray gun for the garage, home and garden. It will spray all day, no waiting for air pressure build-up.

Fitted with a 1.8mm. set-up it will spray almost anything :

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