Bambino Mio Nappy System

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I wanted to try reusable nappies as they are environmentally friendly and cheaper than disposable in the long run. However I did not go headlong into purchasing a full set until I was sure that it was what I wanted to go with.

I bought trial packs of bambino mio and cotton bottoms. They are both similar in that they consist of a nappy, liner and wrap. The only advice is that you should also buy extra liners so that you can try the nappy a few times before making the decision.  In the end I did decide to purchase the bambino mio nappies and as a word of advice buy nappy bucket and laundry bags it makes it cleaner and easier for storing nappies and washing nappies. Another word of advice is that you will need to purchase more wraps than what comes with the birth to potty pack as you will find that when your little baby makes a mess it goes onto the wrap and unless you are going to wash everyday you will not have enough. I find that you only need 2 extra wraps in each size and you only need to wash every other day. I still use reusable nappies over night as I found that my little boy was always waking for a nappy change due to heavy wetting.

I really do recommend using reusable you save money and the environment and my local council also gives £30 cashback on the nappies purchased as an incentive to using reusable nappies so the initial outlay is £200 but you really will save.

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