Ban anonymity

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I read with interest the description of bidding practices by unscrupulous sellers. I don't know how true it is but sometimes there are funny things with bidding. I have played around with odd bidding values and stupid bidding times. I have bid at 2 in the morning, BST, and very shortly afterwards, and sometimes almost instantly, I am outbid and encouraged to bid again. This has happenned a couple of days before the auction close and there have been no bids up until my bid. I am beginning to suspect there is a way of misusing the auction sniping sites but my computer knowledge is very limited so I really don't know.

I(f bidders want to be anonymous then join ebay as xxxx1234 or something. Let all bidders be identifiable to each other, on the auction site. They can keep their real life identity a secret otherwise. Anonymity does no good for auctions. If eBay can't remove this anonymity then eBay must police this anonymity. There are no million pound Rembrandts or Renoirs in these auctions, what's anonymity all about????
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