Bank Charges

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Simple way never having to bother with charges or the hassle in getting them back.

Spend time and make the effort to sort out your own affairs.  I did and in 16 years of having a current account i have never had one single charge.  Its really very simple.

Use every channel the bank provide to monitor your money daily. Sign up for internet banking. It is safe if you remember 2 things. 1, most have MOD level encryption. and 2, dont give your details to anyone. Sign up for telephone banking aswell and text alerts if the bank provides it.

Use 2 seperate current accounts. one for wages/spending one for DD and Standing Orders. When you get paid, add up the DD & STD's and transfer that amount into the other account. Easy online as with most banks its instant.

With charges, yes i agree they are high. Think of this. If i borrowed a fiver from you, youd expect to get it back. What if i didnt repay it? What if i wanted to borrow a DVD and never returned it? How would you feel?


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