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I'm a keen fan & collector of Banksy works.  I've been collecting for about 4 years now & over those years I seen the interest in his work increase at a rapid rate of knots.  With this so have secondary market prices for his prints and originals.  Sadly I have also seen the number of attempts to pass off sub standard or questionable items increase. 

I thought I'd have a go at writing one of these guides as a way of sharing my knowledge & experience with others. 


Key things to Look for when buying.


  • Most Banksy prints will be stamped with the POW (Pictures on Walls) blind stamp.  There are a few very early prints produced without this stamp.
  • All prints are nearly always numbered, if a print is offered without a number it is very probably an unofficial release therefore should cost considerably less than a numbered version.
  • Its good to have a receipt but not always possible - Amongst others The following shops have sold his work



    • Pictures on Walls (official printers)
    • Lazinc (originals & earlier examples)
    • Artrepublic
    • Electric Sheep
    • The Tate (a few years ago)
    • TomTom London  (they do NOT have authority to authenticate prints)


Things to be Wary of

  • Vague descriptions
  • Unclear Pictures of stamps & numbers
  • Un-numbered prints, if a print is offered without a number it is very probably an unofficial release therefore should cost considerably less than a numbered version
  • Prints where the signature is not clearly part of the print shown, ie super-imposed over the picture
  • The same item for sale by more than one seller, check all current & completed listings
  • The same photos used by two different sellers
  • Stock photos.  If a stock photo is used then ask the seller to send you a picture of the actual item
  • Stories about how 'Banksy signed my bus ticket'


Safer Buying

  • If no-ones bidding ask yourself why ?  There's hundreds of fans using eBay !!
  • Don't jump in and buy something without reading the description in full
  • Don't assume anything always ask before bidding
  • Check the sellers feedback and recent sales history
  • Pay with a credit card through Paypal
  • Always ask for postal insurance, special delivery is the best option for the UK
  • If its too good to be true it probably is !

Authentication Service

Picturesonwalls dot com, the originator of Banksy prints, is the only place you can get a rock solid authentication for a Banksy print.  Go to their home page and look for the authentication link.

If I've made a mistake with any of this information please let me know, if you would like me to add something also let me know.

Wallkandy dot net is an art forum discussing Banksy amongst many other artists. It has quite a young forum but already has over 3,500 members sharing a wealth of knowledge & like minded discussion. Follow the link below to my me page where you can click through to the forum. Register and become part of the community & best thing of all is you won't get spammed with emails, adverts or anything else.

And finally, If you feel this guide has been helpful could you please click the voting button below, if you would like me to add anything please send me a message. 

Thank you to those people who have provided feedback so far.


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