Barbecues : A Buying Guide

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”Food, glorious food” – and none better than that cooked on your new barbecue.

There are a wide range of barbecues available on the market and you will find a great choice on eBay.

From a small portable gas BBQ through to a multi-burner stainless steel kitchen, you will need a supply of gas.

With instant heat available, these are the easiest BBQ to run. Switch it on and you can start cooking within minutes.

Instant heat
Adjustable heat

Need to buy gas
Don’t let the gas run out!

Traditionally, cooking with charcoal is the “real” way to barbecue.

You need to plan ahead and light the charcoal in good time. After lighting, the coals will need to burn for a fair time, until they turn white. That gives the maximum heat, although some people prefer to have a flame as well.

Traditional, real smoky food!

Takes time before being ready

Some argue that this isn’t really a proper barbecue!

However, the advantage of instant and adjustable heat makes this a good choice. Electric barbecues tend to be small in plate size, so only really work for small amounts of food.

Quick and easy to use
Fully adjustable heat

Food doesn’t smell like a “real” barbecue
You may need a long mains lead and people could trip over it

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Guide by Nigel Peacock of Buchanan Europe. Barbecues from our eBay shop.

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