Bargain? price to good to be true......

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....then it probably is.

Recently I have seen alot of cars for for sale for amzingly low prices. Usually at least half of what they are actually worth. This is also happening with motorhomes as well.

All these ads share the same profiles. They always say dont email them through Ebay and provide a different email address. Some have feedback and some don't. Whether they are using these adverts to gather some of your information for spam purposes or whether they are trying to obtain deposits off people, one things for sure you will not get a 2002 BMW 330I Sport with 42K for £4800!!! trust me It won't happen.

I have had 12 years experience in the motor trade and 4 years experience in Ebay and have seen plenty of 'cons' come and go, 1st one I saw was with the latest mobile telephones, my brother made the mistake of buying one after thinking he was getting a great deal only to realise he was being sold a link to a website selling contracts!!

Then I noticed some high end mountain bikes were being sold for give away prices... turns out the seller would not let you collect and usually had a brand new account. I emailed several of these 'sellers' telling them I would like to collect and pay cash and not one of them responded!

As I say if the deal seems to good to be true ... it probably is.

So if you see one of these 'amazing' car deals - they are always on a BUY IT NOW option, by the way. Then tread carefully - NEVER pay a deposit up front without seeing the car. And only email them through Ebays email system.

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