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To grab yourself a bargain you can be specific to save yourself  some money. If you are prepared to collect then you can check items "nearby". Set the maximum distance you are prepared to travel, it's amazing how many people close to you are selling things cheaply, I have bought items from neighbours without realising (one directly opposite and one at the top of my street), by just narrowing my search to "upto ten miles"!! This also saves you a fortune in postage costs (and can prevent unscrupulous sellers trying to make more profit by upping the postage costs), also stops you having to wait
Plastic toys can often be put through your dishwasher so don't completely dismiss the used but not excellent condition items. You can get a bargain which cones out looking like new with a bit of initiative.
Try misspelling the item you are looking for - not everyone can spell perfectly and a minor error can hide low priced items from the search. There are a few ebay misspelled apps available to try so again, iniative is key! 
Use these sentiments when looking for children's clothing especially baby clothes - my son wore brand new designer clothing for the first year of his life just because I used these few tips! 

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