Bargin Baby Clothes

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Think what you need

To start try to think what you will need if its your first this is a bit harder but to remember you will get loads of gifts when the baby arrives usually 0-3 and 3-6 months in size  try to give a guide to what you want buying from friends or family when he / she arrives. this way you will know roughly what you will need.

Roughly i would say atleast 3 changes a day.
I found it much easier when there were under 6 month to just stick with baby grows and vests. Atleast that way there is no need for fiddly buttons head holes and socks and too be honest for major accidents everything is kept contained in a babygrow until you have un around trying to find the missing wipes and nappies that you only had 1o minuites ago!!!

I found the best way to aquire baby clothing as you really will realise they do not wear them for long so if you want to go spending £100s on nice new babygrows that they will only sick and poop on and wear the once and may even have to go in the bin as they have been badly exploded in be prepared for a few tears and a big overdraft.
your best bet is to second hand most are in excellent condition as like i say most are only worn once or twice. 

Cheapest option is to look for bundles close by that you could collect to save on the postage and you can also have a look before you buy.
Second best find someone selling lots of individual items that you like who will combine postage for you these days you can send loads of  clothes for £3.20.

Good luck on your searches
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