Bargin hunters

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99p hunter

One of the best things about eBay is all the bargains you find I have bought some of the most amazing things .  What I do is search 99p with Freepost always remember to change the sort to ending soonest so u catch that item that's about to end with no bids.  I once bought a £24.99 gift set for £1.01 and free post . Some amazing gifts to be had I now look on her for gifts first before looking in the shops.  No matter what you are lookin for you are sure to find it on eBay.  Or there's another way you can do it search what you are lookin for then change the price min and max you can also change the postage as well, for example search boys T-shirt change price to max £5 and you will get all the T-shirts under £5  then change postage to Freepost.  That will then give you a large list of items to search through but remember to change it to ending soonest. You can get any thing from hair clips to bags there is so much choice.  You can also find items that are in china yes they take a bit longer to reach you, but I recently bought a beautiful bag for 38p with free post it took 3 weeks and 4 days toy get here but I have a beautiful bag for next to nothing. Always check the postage tho as you can be caught out the the item chill be just 1p but postage will be £49 so be extra care  full to check post. Xx


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