Barman Arkham Asylum - Amazing Game!

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What a cool game this is, even my girlfriend is willing to sit next to me and watch me play, which I admit is the first game she's actually let me play with her there.

The game starts out with you capturing the Joker, and him returning to Arkham Asylum, but as soon as you gain control of Batman, that's where the fun begins.

The graphics are second to none, and the characters have such wonderful visual design, which really does do the game justice. The sound effects, and voice acting are both also brilliant, and help to make this game as awesome as possible, some of the enemies and boss battles in batman really have you scared, which is an emotion that nowadays I rarely feel in a computer game.

There really are some wonderful surprises in this game, but the stuff you will probably be familar with, such as the hand to hand combat, and the stealth aspects, and both brilliant, and if you have played games such as Assassins Creed, you will be familar with some aspects of the game, but a lot of the features in Batman will be new to all gamers.

The storyline is long, but never gets boring, and the gameplay is very addictive, and there are also challenges modes to keep you entertained, and the collectibles are actually fun to collect, and if anything, it's a pleasure to be able to explore arkham after having completed the main storyline.

All in all, this game is a must buy, especially at the price Amazon has it at!
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