Baru BR2000 / 3000 HDD Media player guide

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Hello, I recently brought a BR2000 from a public auction, the media player works fine, when you get it working!

Here is my guide to overcome some of the problems you may come across!

1: This media player is a drag and drop filing system, similar to most budget MP3 players, but sometimes the player can't read the HDD

Reason : These media players run of the FAT filing system, Windows typically format HDD's to NTSC format, and it's not easy changing NTSC format back to FAT format, however, I discovered that the program Paragon Hard disc manager 2009 (free copy available off the internet) can change the HDD format back.

2: The power supply is a bit iffy, and tends to run hot

Reason : it's a budget power supply that has to pump out 2A of DC current, however, the power supply from a Playstation portable is an ideal and cheap replacement, it runs at exactly the same voltage, ampage and most importantly. the same adapter pin!

3: On starting up the device, the on screen language is in chinese!

Reason : The media player is really meant for the asian market, but english is on this device. when you power up the device, press setup, there are five options available, select the fourth one and press enter, this is the device prefrences menu, there are three options on this menu, select the middle option and press right, this is your on screen language, the middle one is english, problem solved!

4: Problems playing back certain video formats!

Reason : although the media player is designed to play many different types of video, it can't play everything.

This device takes Laptop sized HDD in sizes from 30gbs to 60 or 80gbs, if your computer has a USB 2.0 connection, the file transfer rate is very good.

be careful of the casings side screws, they are not brilliant and tend to stick in the device, use a precision screwdriver and be gentle!

I hope my guide has helped you to enjoy your Baru HDD media player!

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