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What is a Compression Base Layer?

Inner Athlete provides zoned-muscle and graduated compression. All in the comfort of a light, technically superior skin that is designed for lasting performance.

With advances in cooling technology compression layer clothing has become a highly sought after product for the modern athlete, not only do compression layers look good but they greatly enhance performance whilst worn.

Endurance studies show that using Inner Athlete garments during sustained exercise result in a reduction of lactic acid build up.

Whatever sport you play - Inner Athlete has you covered.

For cold temperatures, maintaining your core body temperature at its optimal level for peak performance is absolutely 100% essential.
Inner Athlete provides the best of both worlds by regulating your core body temperature. Furthermore, Inner Athlete will help keep you maintained at your optimum performance level.

Benefits of Compression Gear

1.To help reduce muscle vibration through sporting activities. Applying pressure to help reduce fatigue in key muscle groups
2 Help wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes
3 Help improve blood circulation in-turn aiding oxygenating your muscles
4 Assist the body in reducing lactate-acid build up in core muscle areas
5 Promote muscle repair, reduce swelling and decrease delayed onset muscle soreness
      6  Increased Muscle Power Output

Google innerathlete sportswear for quality base layers at excellent prices.

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