Bathshop321 Pull Out Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap.

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As many of you know fitting new kitchen taps is not the easiest of tasks, the instruction although detailed are as helpful as the instruction for a set of mechano. I purchased the 321 Pull Out Kitchen Sink Mixer from recently and fitted it last night. Keen to get the task underway I opted for the quick plumb option on the pipes with a 15mm-10mm reducing valves.
The copper pipes I have initially caused a problem due to their position and proximity to the nut fixing that was holding the original tap in place. I must commend the plumber that originally put this in place… It took a lot of energy to loosen it sufficiently for me to undo with my fingers. The key tool used to do this was a 10mm spanner, this could only be done once the pipes had been cut as discussed previously with the proximity to the piping. I used a standard pipe cutter to slice through the copper piping tightening the grip gently after each turn to avoid denting the pipe.
Once both of these task had been completed the tap lifted away from the basin without any trouble, giving the basin a quick wipe to remove any lime scale build up or dirt that has accumulated, I was ready to fit my new tap. On the end of the copper piping I pushed down the 15mm end of the reducing valves making sure they stayed in place by pulling on them slightly making sure they didn’t move up and down when doing so, I then fitted the new pipes to the bottom of the new tap and placed gently on the basing with the pipe work protruding through the hole in the basin making them parallel with the existing pipe work and my reducing valves. Marking the position to cut on the new pipes I removed it from its position and cut the pipes accordingly and reattached them. Once trimmed I attached the ribbed steel rod to the base of the unit and put the tap in place on the basin…. simply pushing the new pipe work into the 10mm end of the quick plumb fittings the tap was connected and sealed.
Finally I screwed the nut up the steel rod tightening up to the washer with my fingers, I then tightened further with a 10mm spanner until the 321 Pull Out Spray Kitchen Sink Mixer was firmly held in place.
This is the most important part of the entire job… turning the water back on! If you hear a pop and a his it means the quick plumb fitting is not pushed onto the pipes enough to form a full seal, If this happens (which it did) turn the water off go back to the fitting and apply pressure (down on the new pipe work and up on the old pipe work) and one of them will pop into place, you can then turn the water back on.
This is from my own personal experience; your pipe work may differ… I do hope that you have found it useful though!
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