Batman Arkham Asylum on the Playstation Three

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Batman.........What a Croc!

After reading countless good reviews, I finally caved in when one of my mates told me it was the best game he'd ever played. Wow, best game ever, I'll have to get it then!
So, I buy it, I load it, I play it;
First impressions are pretty good, tidy graphics, smooth cut scenes & the Island looks fairy big as well.
The option screen hints at various weapons & lots of upgrades, along with some hidden trophies, ideal.
First bit of game play has me walking around, following a lame map you have to keep bringing up full size (select button), rather than just having a nice sweet mini map to give me a clue, bit annoying, but not as annoying as been sheep-pen'd into various corridors, then rooms to fight some goons with 2 attack buttons!
Not just 2 attack buttons, but prompts as well, oh dear, the repetition is really setting in after 5 hours. The end of (kinda) level bosses are unimaginative & easily defeated, infact I'm spurred on by frustration more than achievement.... totally given up on the little quests, shoot 200 of these, collect 150 of these, find get the picture.
Took the disc out for the last time on 51% complete, I can't go on, in fact, if I see one more air vent, I'm going to top myself in the bloody bat-cave.
Comic book fans, you may well love this game if you have a lot of time on your hands, & only enough money for one game this year, but even then, I doubt anyone will go back to it after completing it. Replay value, big fat ZERO!
Nice try Eidos, but far too tedious, try again, & next time, maybe give us the keys to the Bat-mobile!

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